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butt shaping, thigh slimming, stomach-flattening
See the difference between other jeans and hello! skinnyjeans

 Great. I�m an ice cream cone    Slimming-shaping-sexy!          Squished buns on sticks           Balanced and lean


     Go home and change               Great thighs, girl           You have got to be kidding me           Sexy girl

No shape except for wide hips    Shapes hips and thighs            Thanks for the flat butt              Butt shaping

         Arrest this woman               I�m in BlueLove                      Fat thighs ahead         This is why we wear jeans


   Makes my thighs bigger   SkinnyJeans® work for a living  Just what I need � a bagbutt           Cute butt!!

         I paid for these???         Get me these jeans now!      Droopy, long, tiresome butt      Need we say more?


       This is a crime scene                 I rest my case                Check the mirror, Mom            Blue sky ahead!


       Wide hips, fat thighs               Clean and slimming                What did you sit in?            Clean and shaping


 Do not let this happen to you           Huge difference!                    Shortened legs                      Cute Butt�

       High water ahead!                      Whoa boy!!!            Thanks for the trapezoidal butt�  Really holds you in

     Same old bill of goods�              So slimming!            And I�m wearing these why??  Genes or SkinnyJeans®?


Thanks for widening my hips!   Makes you look thinner!!      ChunkyMonkey in sausage casing!     Look your best!

Jeans that make you look thinner
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