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Does any of this sound familiar? Your jeans are so low your previously non-existent stomach hangs over the waistband and when you sit down we are talking cleavage; your back pockets are half-way down your thighs making your legs appear shorter than they already are and there is so much stuff on your pockets you can never wear the same pair twice because you and everyone else is sick of looking at them; you look like you're expecting a flood because your jeans are too short; maybe the designer looks good but for some reason his jeans make you look worse; there is some weird-looking webby-thing inside your jeans that makes your butt look flatter; your jeans are so full of holes they have to be dry cleaned; you're convinced that your jeans were designed to be worn exclusively by Kate Moss; the ankles of your jeans are cut so narrow and 'skinny' that your thighs look gargantuan in comparison and your lower leg and foot look like a golf club; the designs and signatures on your pockets point downward making your butt appear (gasp!!!) droopy; your jeans 'grow' so much during the day that you have to wash them every time you wear them to get them back in shape; your butt and the back of your thighs actually look bigger than they already are because there are large white areas accentuating them.
See the difference!
See the difference!

It sure sounded familiar to us and, desperate for a pair of super-slimming blue jeans, decided to do something about it! So we started SkinnyJeans® and tackled every possible way to make blue jeans more slimming and flattering:

First, SkinnyJeans® are made from classic denim but with a high nylon/elastane content. This denim is made exclusively for SkinnyJeans®. This gives them a ‘beefy’ strength to hold you in (no wimpy, gummy stretch here) and creates ‘Memory’—it sucks everything in and never sags, bags or grows by the end of the day. (You will not have to wash them every time you wear them!)

Second, the thighs are very 'scooped' out which drastically separates and slims the thighs and pushes the butt out creating a shapely silhouette.

Third, the inseams are drawn forward on the leg making it appear that there is less ‘real estate’ on the front of the leg.

Fourth, the inside non-stretch cotton pocketing lining the front pockets is sewn into the front seam so when the jeans are zipped up a restraining panel is created that pushes the entire stomach area in.

Fifth, the fading and shading pattern on the jeans creates an optical illusion front and back to slim the leg.The inside and outside seams are darkened to make the thighs appear slimmer. The sides of the hips are darker so the hips appear narrower. The buttocks are faded slightly but darker on the hip seams and at the top of the thighs creating ‘shape’ and making the back of the legs look slimmer. The front of the leg is slightly faded down the middle making the leg appear longer. Additionally, barely-visible whiskering above the natural leg break tricks the eye into seeing longer legs (as opposed to most jeans with patterns that make the hips look wider and thighs bigger!

Sixth, the cut is a 'barely bootcut' - this balances the shape of the thigh to the ankle making your thighs appear as slim as possible and legs as long as possible.

Seventh, the size, shape and placement of the pockets are solely to make the butt appear smaller and shapelier. There is no 'junk’ on the pockets; no designs that make the butt appear droopy or wide, or placement of the pocket so low on the thigh that it shortens the leg or pockets so small they make the butt look huge in comparison.

Eighth, SkinnyJeans® have a medium rise with contoured stretch waistband - no muffin-top spillover, no plumber's cleavage, no previously nonexistent potbelly!

Finally, the high-waters have receded -- SkinnyJeans® come in inseams to 37”!! And because the design is so successfully slimming, we make SkinnyJeans® in sizes 24-32 and 34, 36, and 38.
(Click here for size info.)

Do a plie’ in your SkinnyJeans
to get them on right and tight!

Wash inside-out in cold water, hang
dry or tumble dry low before wearing.

SkinnyJeans never get droopy and bag out!!

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